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Gustaman`s Messenger Server 1.36

No Image An easy Instant Messaging (IM) system for LAN and Internet. Features: instant message, broadcast message, chat room, file transfer.

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Instant Monitor 4.0

Instant Monitor also can restrict remote computer`s browsing in Internet Explorer, restrict remote computer`s application using, restrict remote computer`s network accessing, send instant message and command (e.g. shut down, restart, run program, open website) to remote computer. Additionally Instant Monitor provide a powerful remote task manager, allows you view all processes on remote computer and end any of them. And Instant Monitor can log alteration

software, monitoring, employee, keylogger

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NetMessager 1.04

NetMessager is Windows application allowing users to send and recieve instant messages over network\Internet. It has set of unique features: - NetMessager supports both UDP (to discover LAN users) and TCP\IP to send messages. - It`s quite small (120 Kb executable without optional Updater.exe), - It have small memory footprint. - It doesn`t requires installation\deinstallation.

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Instant Messenger Software 2.0: Download the Inter office instant messenger and organizer from Live2Support Inc
Instant Messenger Software 2.0

instant messages, can see availability of their co-workers in the contacts list, and send instant messages to selected people or a group of people. With Live2Support Instant Messenger, you need not to worry about configuration, administration, and server. All IMOs member are directly connected (peer-to-peer) with each other, and the program starts working immediately after installation. Live2Support messenger automatically determines which users

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Total Text Security 1.0: Protect your instant messages and e-mails with strong security.
Total Text Security 1.0

message you received was sent by your partner, and not by somebody else? Then you should use Total Text Security! Simply type your message in the editor window of your e-mail client, ICQ client (or any other program), and Total Text Security will encrypt the message you have typed directly to the editing window. You can encrypt your message with a password, or with an RSA-key (as used by PGP). Moreover, you can sign you message with the RSA-key,

protection, powerfull, encription, e mail, authentification, easy to use, keys, password, instant message, simple, text, security, decription

MyPadlock 1.4: Want real internet security for chat &  email privacy or  sensitive files?
MyPadlock 1.4

Real Internet security - If you received the following message in your inbox or as an instant message from a chat buddy, and if you were using the correct key, you could read this message-> p@J\YYMm?IlBHSGS}OXGYMTBXLJxpXjpH@\ZYaOYYAV|HSSAIUOWa?KP@SXXqAK]ZZNn@JmCITHT~PYHZNUCYdHWQITNPNMSDbPU_IglXELJVUSJmCIDJC~XYXXOLZVaC <- So if you need more privacy in chat, instant messenger, email or sensitive file transfers then MyPadlock is your answer.

internet, files, lock, encryption, chat, email, metaware productions, transfer, communications, utility, privacy, personal use

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Colasoft MSN Monitor 2.0

Based on packet analysis technology, Colasoft MSN Monitor focuses on MSN applications and instant message management. Besides capturing message contents, it also summarizes local MSN accounts and provides the statistics of account status, logins, message counts, contacts, message-related traffic that exceed traditional MSN message content "monitors" & "sniffers".

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